Website Transformation

To Renovate or Rebuild?

ACN’s website has been in its current form since 2011 when it was redesigned to suit ACN’s re-brand. At the time the site was intended to serve as a ‘place holder’ while ACN’s member management system, iMIS, was deployed and made available for integration with the website. Since then the website has become more than a ‘place holder’ now containing a large amount of content for members and other users. Now that the iMIS system is ready for use it is an ideal time to revise the website’s design and information architecture as well as look at potential new functions and usability.

Client Details

Client: Australian College of Nursing

Category: Website

Date: August 2015

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Engaged Sessions


Identify the current users of the ACN website and identify trends and patterns in their needs and reasons for visiting – creating quantifiable data to guide the redesign of the ACN website.


With all of the research in mind the project team can now begin to brainstorm and sketch the core layouts and functions of the website and start looking at what content there will be, how best to display it and how it will be organised.
User feedback interviews

A series of one hour group interviews will be held with ACN’s various divisions where they will be asked a series of questions and participate in identifying and quantifying ACN website users and their needs.

User personae and stories

Using the information and data from the user feedback interviews a series of user personae and stories are created to give an easily understood point of reference for designing the site.

User flows and mainlines

Using the information from the feedback interviews and the user personae the main pathways and ways of using the site will be identified – these will be kind of like the main roads

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