Vanity Unit Design

Reece Innovation Bathroom Awards

Reece is Australia’s leading supplier of bathroom products around the country, their market are within the Australia and New Zealand region with over 450 stores. Since 1919, Reece continues to grow and expand with their innovative bathroom product range and showrooms with the approach of ‘to be the best by constantly improving the service we provide our customers’ (Reece, 2014)

Reece 2014, REECE BATHROOMINNOVATION AWARD, Reece, Australia, viewed April 30th 2014, <http://www.bathroominnovation.com.au/about>.

Client Details

Client: UTS

Category: Industrial Design


The Project


The project is centred around the bathroom vanity unit which offers ease of access of everyday items, reducing obstruction when opening doors, and visibility in dark environments without the need to turn on the primary light.


  • Easy access to storage compartments with minimal obstruction
  • Designed to suit the modern bathroom look
  • Improve space distribution in the vanity unit to fit modern products
  • Technology integration to improve user experience


  • Fit in majority Australian household bathrooms
  • The vanity unit must be easy to clean
  • The vanity unit must not leak water into storage units below the sink
  • The vanity unit will require a degree of maintenance and care

Scope of work

  • Conceptualisation through sketches, renderings and CAD
  • Using existing data for ergonomic considerations
  • Generate 3D drawings with computer software
  • Generating technical drawings with the 3D Data
  • Mock up models to demonstrate and test functionality of the product


During the project development, key dates will be charted where the deliverables will be presented to the client. The key dates will include activities during the design process. This includes:

  • Sketches and concepts
  • 3D renderings and close representations to the actual product
  • Technical drawings to AS1100
  • Mock up models, scaled models and final prototype


  • The design must meet all legislative standards, this includes Australian Standards, Watermark, WELS or BCA.
  • The vanity unit must be installed by a licenced plumber
  • The product will not cover chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences.
  • The users must not use harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners on the product finishes

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